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LUFF is a Brooklyn-based shoegaze / post-rock band. Their latest EP, Maybe
It's Just Sleeping
was released by the band on their own imprint Delicious Noise,
in 2012. Written in the aftermath of the tragic losses of vocalist / guitarist Sheila Sobolewski's mother to a fire and then guitarist Robin Pickering's step-mother to suicide, it’s a grievous love letter to the lost; a clutch of disquieting, powerful
tracks that cover the intense and universal post-grief process within
an avant-indie melodic sensibility.

Originally founded by guitarist and vocalist Sheila Sobolewski as a guitar
and cello duo, LUFF has continually evolved and is currently working writing as a trio comprised of Sheila on guitar and vocals, Aleks Gylys (Serica Ux, Coulter)
on drums, and Mike Hurst (Serica Ux, Coulter) on bass. LUFF’s music can
be heard in several short films and documentaries, and scored the
Alternative High for Reel Works in 2010.

In 2007, LUFF released their first full length, Blanket Ice


Luff band members


Luff "Maybe It's Just Sleeping" EP
Maybe It’s Just Sleeping EP (2012)
Available at Bandcamp or CD Baby

Luff "Blanket Ice" CD
Blanket Ice (2007)
Available at BandCamp or CD Baby








Contact us for Booking
luff [at] luffmusic [dot] com

Upcoming & Recent SHOWS
Thursday, August 8, 2013
8:30 pm at Union Hall
Delicious Noise presents LUFF, All Forces, and Let's Be Loveless
702 Union Street @5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215


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